I can teach papers in political philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of public policy, ethics, history of philosophy, philosophy of science, and ‘baby’ logic.  More generally I am comfortable teaching most topics at an undergraduate level (with some obvious exceptions of some highly specialised topics such as advanced logic, or philosophy of physics).  I particularly enjoy teaching philosophy of public policy, social epistemology, and political theory.

This page is intended in part as a resource for my students.  It contains copies of my lecture and seminar material.



Masters in Philosophy

FIL-3013: Contemporary Political Philosophy – Equality and Freedom

Seminar 1/ Seminar 2/ Seminar 3/ Seminar 4/ Seminar 5/ Seminar 6/ Seminar 7/ Seminar 8/ Seminar 9/ Seminar 10/ Seminar 11

FIL-3015: Global Justice and International Relations

FIL-3007: Project Seminar

FIL-3014: Just War Theory

FIL 3012: Moral Responsibility and Group Agency

Bachelors in Philosophy

FIL-2034: Democracy and Policy Design

Introduction/ Aggregative democracy/ Deliberative democracy/ Representative democracy/ Dissent/ Taxation/ Social Welfare/ Health/ Education/ Justice


MPhil in Public Policy

The Cambridge MPhil in Public Policy includes a compulsory module on philosophy of public policy.  I covered the topics of deontology and global poverty, and climate change and future people.

MPP seminars 2 and 3


Part 1A (first-year)

Paper 2: Ethics and Political Philosophy

This is the Cambridge introduction to ethics paper.

Punishment 1Punishment 2Punishment 3Punishment 4

Paper 4: Set Texts

This is the Cambridge introductory history of philosophy paper, which covers Plato, Hume, and J.S. Mill.  I delivered the lectures on Mill.

J. S. Mill: On Liberty and The Subjection of Women

Mill 1 Liberty Harm PrincipleMill 2 Liberty Free SpeechMill 3 Liberty PaternalismMill 4 Liberty OffenceMill 5 Subjection Nature NurtureMill 6 Subjection MarriageMill 7 Subjection ProgressMill 8 Utilitarianism


Part 1B (second-year)

Paper 7: Political philosophy

This is the Cambridge second-year paper in political philosophy, covering topics including freedom and autonomy, equality, and democracy.

Liberty 1Liberty 2Liberty 3Liberty 4

Equality 1Equality 2Equality 3Equality 4Equality 5Equality 6

Political Obligation 1Political Obligation 2Political Obligation 3Political Obligation 4

Democracy 1Democracy 2Democracy 3Democracy 4


Part II (third-year)

Paper 3: Ethics

This is the Cambridge final-year paper in ethics.  I covered the topic of ‘ends of action’ (notions of wellbeing, preferences, prudence and time discounting), and the topic of global justice.  

Ends of Action 1Ends of Action 2Ends of Action 3/  Ends of Action 4Ends of Action 5Ends of Action 6

Global Justice 1Global Justice 2Global Justice 3Global Justice 4

Seminar on ‘Trust’ [tbc]


This is a seminar for PhD students on social epistemology.

LSE PH 500 Social Epistemic Mechanisms